Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Tutorial Part 1

Friday, November 13, 2009
Total Running Time: 12:25
Intro to Mograph
In this first video tutorial in a multi-part series you will learn how to work with MoGraph. We start off introducing you to the Cloner Object and it’s different modes: Object, Linear, Radial and Grid Array, as well as how to transform your clones and the Cloner itself.

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11 Responses to “Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Tutorial Part 1”
  1. Joel Lisbona says:

    Hi Tim, i can’t remember if i wrote a comment before here, but just to say that you are doing very good quality tutorials and very helpful content for Cinema 4D, this last about mograph is very cool indeed, hope to see more things about it and particles. Thanks for taking your time to record these tutorials.
    Cheers from Brazil.

  2. hi tim thank you for yours work thats very greatfully and exllant , ihop see mor ,than,thank

  3. first my miend gift to TIM befor see all the work bat when im see all hem im surpries and fell nic and great full, this work men motion graphic and interior design , exllant”””””””””””””””””””””””””

  4. Murat Ozgul says:

    Hi, I really dont know what is your name or job. Casual day I surfing internet and looking C4D tuts and I found your site and Boom! All tuts really has a good sound and superb video quality really educate. Just one critique please make much more tuts as soon as posible. Thank you..

  5. Tim Shetz says:

    We are trying to get a new tutorial up each week…so stay tuned! I’m glad they are helpful.

  6. Franco says:

    Great one, thanks a lot Tim!

  7. brawk says:

    hi-five. awesome possum.

  8. olatoun says:

    hi….is there a way these tutorials can be downloaded….where i’m from, broadband is an issue…cnt be streaming all the time…n i need loads of encouragement right now…awesome tuts though…i’m so crazy about c4d’s mograph…help pls
    ….love…girl from Nigeria

  9. Tim Shetz says:

    Unfortunately we haven’t set up downloading yet. It would kill our bandwidth limitations at this point. We do offer them for sale on DVD for $5.99

    It helps cover the cost and supports the site. We are trying to figure out a way to offer them for download to our non North American friends upon purchase…still working it out though.

  10. Rutger says:

    Hey guys, just discovered your website and watched this tutorial as the first one, and I must say I immedialty fell in love with them. Thank you for making them :)


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