Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Tutorial Part 3

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Total Running Time: 19:01
Intro to Mograph Part 3
In this third video tutorial in a multi-part series you will learn how to further work with MoGraph. You will learn how to use the Mograph Text Object, the Spline Mask as well as the Mospline Object.

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8 Responses to “Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Tutorial Part 3”
  1. Murat Ozgul says:

    Thank you this another great tuts. I think this is for my last tuts. Im going to army for a six month. I really miss your tuts. See you on May.

  2. Tim Shetz says:

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Good luck in the army and be safe!

  3. Vishal says:

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    It seems the link breaks while watching it midway. Have tried it thrice, and it breaks the same place.

  4. Tim Shetz says:

    Hi there – This is the first problem I’ve heard about. With almost 700 views…I just ran through the entire tutorial on 2 machines and had no problems. I don’t know what to tell you….I would make sure you have the latest Flash Player update from Adobe installed. Other than that I’m not sure. Does it just stop playing?

  5. Vishal says:

    I’m trying it again today. Let’s see.
    Last two times it stopped at 10:57, and then just green.
    I have the latest flash player; maybe it’s just my bad connection or luck :(
    Thanks for all your tutorials.

  6. Tim Shetz says:

    What OS are you using?

  7. Man you Tutorials saved me, they got this clown on creative cow and i dont think he understand what is meant by tutorial! i came here and now im on ma way with mograph trust me thank you man, and then i think i have some Motion graphic workshop in a while but i’ll keep u up to date on that so tips and tricks can be extended, and all the people finding a problem with watching the tutorials………get a MAC lol…. Thanks again ;-)

  8. nazim says:

    owhh…so sad,i just got same problem like vishal…just can watch the part 1 only..part 2 & 3 only got half..and then..the video stop..and got green…:-(

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