Tutorials 1-25 Available Now on DVD

Tutorials 1-25 Now on DVD

We have heard that some people are unable to access our tutorials due to

slower connection speeds.  We have also had people ask if we could make

the tutorials available for download.  We would like to make the first 25

tutorials available for purchase on DVD at a reasonable price of

just $7.99 USD + shipping.  That’s 288 minutes, over 4.5 hours of

training for $7.99 which works out to be just $0.03 per minute.

(It also helps support C4DTraining)

Included on DVD:

Tutorials 1-25 with a user interface to make selection easier.
(the majority of the tutorials are for v10-11, there are a few things in the Mograph series that are in 11.5, but are clearly stated in the tutorial)
1) Intro to Cinema 4D Interface Part 1
2) Intro to Cinema 4D Interface Part 2
3) Intro to Cinema 4D Interface Part 3
4) Lighting in Cinema 4D Part 1
5) Lighting in Cinema 4D Part 2
6) Lighting in Cinema 4D Part 3
7) Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Part 1
8) Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Part 2
9) Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Part 3
10) Introduction to Cinema 4D Mograph Part 4
11) Spinning Object Buffer
12) Using the Multi Shader to Color Clones
13) More: Using the Multi Shader to Color Clones
14) Configuring Net Render with Cinema 4D
15) Mograph Tracer Object in Cinema 4D
16) Using Particles in Cinema 4D
17) Using Multiple Cameras in Cinema 4D
18) Controlling Animation with Set Driver Set Driven
19) MoGraph Spline Mask
20) Combining Cinema 4D and After Effects
21) Adding Bounce with Mograph
22) Lighting with Global Illumination
23) Text on a Spline
24) Setting Preferences
25) Intro to NURBS

Terms of Use

These tutorials and project files may be used in your work and commercial projects, however copyright is not transferred. Distribution or resale of the images, textures, project files and tutorials themselves is not permitted. ( I mean this is really about supporting the site after all)

We are only offering the option to DOWNLOAD

Clicking the Add to Cart button signifies your acceptance of these terms.

Starting today June 26, 2010 all purchases will be made available for download only. There will still be a $3.00 fee to cover our bandwidth restrictions. If you absolutely NEED to have a DVD sent, please contact us first prior to ordering and we’ll work something out. After your purchase you will receive the download info within 24 hours.



28 Responses to “Tutorials 1-25 Available Now on DVD”
  1. Dan says:

    Can you send or post a list of the tutorials on the disc?


  2. Tim Shetz says:

    It includes the first 25…all the ones currently on the site, but a list is a great idea, thanks! It’s up there now.

  3. Snake Plissken says:

    Hi, is there a download option after paypal checkout or is it shipping only ? Because I live in France & shipping is more expansive than the DVD so …
    Thanx to let me know if I can buy and then download this DVD since I want to support this great site !

  4. Tim Shetz says:

    That is a good idea…let me figure out what would be the best way.

  5. rene says:

    I think its a great idea to show the training etc, but it doesn’t say which Cinema 4D version this training takes place on. I find it very important as Cinema in the last few years has changed dramatically, with more and more advanced features added nearly yearly. While the basic layout and fundamental understanding is the same, sometimes it’s hard to follow when you can’t find the same button or same menu as the one being described in a tutorial. Thanks.

  6. Tim Shetz says:

    Unless I state in the tutorial that something is new in 11.5. It was done in 10.5 or 11. There hasn’t been much change between those versions. 11.5 is the biggest change since 10.

  7. Tim Shetz says:

    I think we are going to arrange for these to be downloaded for those outside the U.S. However, we will need to charge a small fee to help cover the ding to our bandwidth. If anyone is interested, please send us a message through our contact page.

  8. Snake Plissken says:

    I come again to know if it’s now possible to download the tuts after checkout ?
    Thanx to let me know.

  9. Tim Shetz says:

    Hey there, we are offering it for download for our friends outside of the U.S. When you click on the add to cart button, you will be taken to Paypal. Once you log in you can change your shipping choice. If you would like to download it, select the “Pickup” choice for shipping. When we get your order, we’ll send you a link to download it from. Thanks for your patience.

  10. Eddie says:

    I had just pruchase the tutorials through paypal, I think download is the best for me cause I am not living at America. But where can I download from you website? Or you will send me email to tell me the link? Thank for your attention and hoping for more tutorials.

  11. Tim Shetz says:

    Hi Eddie -

    Yes you will receive an email with download instructions within 24 hours of your purchase. You’ll then have 7 days to download the file containing the tutorials. Thanks for your support!

  12. Albert says:

    Just purchased the tutorials, can’t wait for download them.
    For that money the amount of info is priceless.
    Is there any DVD 2 comming out with lots of tutorials more? wish answer is yes.

    You can’t imagine how difficult finding a place to be trained in C4D here is, well at the moment, imposible ;(

    Greetings from Barcelona.


  13. anwar says:

    plz can you tell me how to download the Tutorials C4D i buy it ?

  14. dante says:

    was wondering if these are still available 4 download

  15. Tim Shetz says:

    They are available for purchase…and then download, yes.

  16. Omar says:


    I purchased these a while back and wanted to say thank you so much they helped me out a lot, and was wondering if you would be offering the rest of the tutorials for download.


  17. Dean says:

    How to cancel the shipping cost because it’s automatically charge additional $3? I just want to download it. Thanks.

  18. Tim Shetz says:

    If you read the info on the page, it indicates that the $3 is charged to cover our bandwidth hit for downloading such a large file.

  19. rafael fong says:

    i already made the payment, is there a waiting period before i get my code?

  20. Tim Shetz says:

    As stated, it can take up to 24 hours to be generated.

  21. Bhavik says:

    I am in UAE , How to get this tutorials.

  22. Tim Shetz says:

    You can purchase the first 25 tutorials for download here: tutorials

    Or you can watch them here on the site.

  23. riado says:

    hallo, C4D training, .. how to purchase dvd cinema 4d r12 tutorial, or can send the download link to my email .. I am from Indonesia! thank you

  24. brent jarosz says:

    I want to use your tutorials for education, would that be ok?

  25. Tim Shetz says:

    Use it for education in what way? In lieu of teaching?

  26. brent jarosz says:

    Yes, I am looking for ways to teach C4D to students and I ran across your tutorials.

  27. Firdaus says:

    hi Tim:

    1) May I know if all the lessons here are sufficent for beginner to advance?

    2) What is the different with the video tutorials which are offer for free here?

  28. Tim Shetz says:

    Hi – yes, there are tutorials here that start at the beginning. There are some that are more advanced as well. There is no difference between the ones here on the site and the ones for purchase. They are available for purchase so you can have them on your machine when not connected to the internet. They are also a way for people to support the site.

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