Adding Easing to Your C4D Animations Tutorial

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Total Running Time: 5:00
Adding Easing in Cinema 4D
In this video tutorial, you’ll learn about a great plug-in / xpresso node for Cinema 4D called Smart Tween. This node will allow you to add easing to your C4D animations very easily and with many great options such as back and elastic.

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12 Responses to “Adding Easing to Your C4D Animations Tutorial”
  1. jeppo68 says:

    Welcome back… i’ve been waiting for your tuts!!

  2. Tim Shetz says:

    Hey there…thanks! It’s good to be back.

    If you order this plug-in / xpresso node, I ask that you please be patient. He delivers the package via email. As far as I know he does not have an automated system for delivering it. Also I think the email address listed on the site has a typo or something. If you don’t get a file within 24 hours maybe send him a (nice) email checking in with him. The address I have for him is:



  3. Imran says:

    Nice to see yo again.

    Is it possible to make a tutorial of full Human Character Modeling.

    Thanks for the tutorials.


  4. cameron says:

    Hi Tim nice to have some new tuts. Hope alls well with you?

  5. bratoz says:

    Yeah. Thannk! Nice tuts!!!

  6. Firemind says:

    I have bought this script, but find it useless. What makes Ease n Whizz so good in After Effects is that you can apply it to keyframes. Keyframe your general move, then have certain keyframes effected by the script. With this, you are limited to whatever move you can program into the expresso script.

    A truly useful C4D tween script would be one where you could target a keyframe and apply a custom bouncetype.

  7. Tim Shetz says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t find it helpful. I use it on a daily basis….You should send your suggestions to the developer, maybe he can add features to it.

  8. everton says:

    Thanks for the tip, Tim! The script worth the money for shure.

  9. fotoclippping says:

    love it.

  10. Leao says:

    Is it possible to edit the smart tween curves? I bought the script but can’t seem to do this? E.g. increase the elasticity a little.

  11. Tim Shetz says:

    You would need to talk to the programmer that built it.

  12. Leao says:

    It’s not exactly documented because it a bit difficult to get good results from it, but you can modify the elastic and back parameters by clicking on the in-port “ear” on the upper left of the Smart Tween node and add them.

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