Intro to Cinema 4D Class January 29-30

Tim Shetz will be teaching a 2 day introduction to Cinema 4D class. The class is offered by Expression College for Digital Arts through their Expression Pro group. The school is located in Emeryville,CA just outside San Francisco by Berkeley,CA
If you are interested in taking a 2 day class from Tim, check out the website at:

Expression Pro Intro to Cinema 4D

The class will be held in one of Expression’s cutting edge labs. We will be using Version 12 and walking through how to use the software in your motion graphic projects.



10 Responses to “Intro to Cinema 4D Class January 29-30”
  1. homero saldana says:

    When is your next cinema 4d training class?

  2. Andrew says:

    Been looking for a live-class experience (not online tutorials, etc.). Hard to find. Would like to know your next scheduled classes in 2011 – either group or 1-on-1. I have 3D experience, but relatively new to C4D.

  3. Tim Shetz says:

    Hey there. I’ll be doing a 2 day class twice in April. On the 9-10 I’ll be teaching at BAVC in San Francisco. On the 23-24 I’ll be teaching at Expression College in Emeryville, CA

    If you are interested, you should sign up earlier rather than later. The classes will be canceled if not enough people sign up.

  4. Tim Shetz says:

    Check out my other comment. Twice in April.

  5. justine gordon says:

    Hey, I would love to find out more about the classes you are offering in April. Where should I go to find out more information and possibly sign up for a class?

  6. Tim Shetz says:

    Unfortunately, those were this past year. Currently I have an intro class coming up at
    I have several that will also be offered in early 2012.

  7. justine gordon says:

    I would be very interested in any classes you are teaching on Cinema 4D. I have a background in After Effect and in Maya. I currently live in LA but I went to school up in the bay area so if its just a weekend or a one week class I’m sure I could find someone to stay with up north. What is the title of your Cinema 4D class so I can look it up?

  8. Monte says:

    Tim, would you be willing to do an onsite training. I have a rather large group that is interested in learning C4D!

  9. prats says:

    when is the next course offered? I specifically want to learn interior/architectural modeling.what is the course fee and please send a link to the course name and description.
    Thank you!

  10. Tim Shetz says:

    The classes are aimed mostly at motion graphics. There won’t be anything related to architectural modeling.

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