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C4DTraining offers the highest quality free Cinema 4D tutorials. Our goal is to always deliver informative and entertaining tutorials to help you, the motion graphic designer, further your knowledge of Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

We hope our tutorials will help.

The C4DTraining Team

Tim Shetz - Founder of C4DTraining

Tim Shetz is the founder of C4DTraining.com

Tim has been involved in design for over 20 years
and is an Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects. 
For the past 5 years he has also been an instructor
at Expression College for Digital Art in Emeryville, CA.
, has taught at the Bay Area Video Coalition
(BAVC) in San Francisco, CA as well as the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia, Canada. Tim also travels frequently to do on site training for companies looking to start using Cinema 4D in their workflow.

Patricia Leoni

Patricia Leoni helps out with the copy on the
C4DTraining site as well as quality assurance on
the tutorials.

Matthew Shetz

Matt Shetz helps out with the technical issues of
the C4DTraining site as well as quality assurance
on the tutorials.

C4D Training is in no way affiliated with Maxon.


45 Responses to “About C4DTraining.com”
  1. Kelly Scheimberg says:

    Great tutorials. I notice that the CityGen plugin does not seem to work on my MacPro with either R11 or 11.5. Am I doing something wrong?


  2. Tim says:

    Hi Kelly -

    Apparently this plug-in is a PC only thing. Sorry.


  3. Kate says:

    Architecture related tutorials would be highly appreciated!
    Modeling and compositing in particular. They’re so hard to find…

  4. Lewis says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorials. They helped me learn alot.

  5. Franco says:

    Great job that you are doing! Keep up with this good work, the tutorials are easy to understand. Thanks from Brazil!

  6. Meso says:

    The best C4D tutorials so far on the web (o.k after greyscalegorilla but before them -:). Got the link from greyscale and i like the way you teach not assuming everybody knows cinema4D. The NET render tips are priceless especially p’pple who use macs like me. Keep up the good work.

    BTW can a system like BOXX render (or something similar) work with my mac pro?

  7. hhyy says:

    Best tutorial web site around!
    Great Work! really helped me understand C4D.
    thanx from Japan

  8. John Stanowski says:

    Just watched the intro to Mograph. No lie, that was THE best tutorial on Mograph I’ve seen yet. It all actually makes sense. You’ve got a good thing going here. You have a good pace, you speak clearly, you’re not confusing, you explain … everything. This site is def. gonna rise up the ranks quickly. Wish I could save the tutorials, though. You’d get more of an audience if you were on Vimeo too. (You’d be perfect for the next Lynda.com series for C4D. Their last title for that was for version 10 I think.) Anyway, I’m stoked about the site. It’s definitely one of my favorites now. I’ll spread the word and wait impatiently for the next Mograph installment.

  9. Tim Shetz says:

    Thanks John – It’s nice to know people like yourself are enjoying the tutorials. I love teaching which is what I do when not designing or working on C4DTraining.

    Most likely when we hit 25 tutorials, we’ll put them out on a DVD for like $4.99, just to cover the cost of the DVD. We have people that want to watch that don’t have access to high speed, so this will enable them to see the tutorials as well. As for Vimeo, we just set up an account for C4DTraining over the weekend. Ultimately it will be used for our contest. The problem I see with Vimeo or YouTube is the size limitation. The design has always been that our tutorials would be large enough to see what is going on without having to do any zooming… We do have a couple on YouTube at the moment. Perhaps we’ll get them up on Vimeo. It’s just another step in the workflow. We are trying to keep it as streamline as possible since everyone here volunteers their time.

    You should write to Lynda and let them know about the site, or make a suggestion. I’d love to record some stuff for them.

  10. calamari says:

    Thanks a lot for the cool tutorials…..

  11. andrea pinelli says:

    great team, guys… and first of all… thanks for sharing knowledge!!

  12. Mishig says:

    Great Team

  13. GAGA says:

    Thx very much…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  14. John Stanowski says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you were on Vimeo yet and if so under what name.
    And I just re-read your reply to my last post about being on Vimeo and you were concerned about the size limitation. I’m confused because Vimeo lets you make your videos ridiculously big.
    Great stuff!

  15. Tim Shetz says:

    Yea, more to do with Youtube on the size….as for Vimeo, more to do with workflow. Like I said, everyone that works on the site volunteer their time. It’s easiest for us to post them to one location rather than several. The more steps, the less likely we are to do it. The tutorials are here… not a huge reason to put them elsewhere.

  16. Colsia says:

    Hi guys,

    I from China, On behalf of all Chinese C4D learners and myself, Appreciate your great job ~

  17. Tim Shetz says:

    Thank you so much…it’s nice to know people appreciate the site. Thanks for your support and keep watching, we have some new tutorials coming up soon!

  18. Meliani says:

    Hi guys
    great job and very helpful
    keep it up and I hope for more tutorials to be added
    I don’t speak English but that was not a problem to fully undrestand all the tutorials
    thank you again and cheers from MOROCCO

  19. DC says:


    great tutorials! I learned a lot from you, and it had it effect at my work. Since I found your site I do more and more with Xpresso and MoGraph than ever. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Will you do some small tutorials like only picture, or quick tips, too?
    Good luck for the future and greetings from Germany.

  20. Mike says:

    Thank you for your great work, I am new to Cinema 4d and your magnificent tutorials have really helped enormously, I’ll be looking in frequently.

  21. dotcom says:

    Yes you got a very very good way to teach and that’s not given to everyone so keep it up.
    I personnaly have hard times with GI animation in AR3. The different options in the menu og a material : arrow texture , submenu effects plus others like colorizer and postorizer are muostly unknown to me, further more I h’aven’t seen any tutorial that would treat each of them one by one.
    Lots of cool things to learn from there for everyone I guess.
    It’s the first time I watch something about xpresso feeling it with ease too.
    Well I wish you a good future in your adventure.
    Think about challenges toon that interest me and it’s a good way to keep your audience following with attention what’s new (plus a good way to learn new things ).
    Ok, by by, have fun,

  22. alex says:

    Thank you, very much for such an approachable introduction to C4D.

  23. llyko says:

    You don’t know much how you help me about my trainning as a Infograph…There are some way you teach me that did not know!!! More about the animation!!! Thank U so much

  24. Tim Shetz says:

    Glad you find the C4D tutorials helpful. I really felt like there wasn’t a site that breaks down the basics of Cinema 4D so I decided to do it myself. Stay tuned, there are more tutorials coming soon!

  25. ademidun says:

    Nice guys, pls i want to know more about cinema 4d tutorials in the area of all the keys founctions.

  26. Trey says:

    thank you for this site. love the intro tutorials!, I am a student learning Cinema4D for motion graphic design and I’ve been searching for help on where to get started. There are a lot of sites with tutorials but the basic is essential and it’s great that you guys are doing this.

  27. Fred Aubailly says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ces excellents tutoriaux !!!
    Keep up the good work !

  28. Dear Crew !

    Köszönöm szépen a munkátokat (many thanks for your work).
    It is a hard to find somthing usefull for C4D (for free) on the web, but I find your site, and I love your tuts, I’am waiting for the next one.

    An urban planer from Hungary

  29. kaungmyat says:

    I want to know how to install explode plug in in cinema4d 11.5.

  30. Tim Shetz says:

    It gets installed into the plugins folder. You just copy the necessary files there.

  31. Top says:

    Greetings to the C4D team.
    Just discovered your site and I am blown away at the quality of your tutorials.
    So much so that after just one visit and three tutorials later it was a no brainer to just buy the first 25 tutorials for the $8. I have been getting my tutorials from Greyscalegorilla, cgtuts and Motion Works, etc. and they are great also but I like the way you cover the material. I feel I get a better take away understanding of the values and attributes and not just a follow along project.
    Thanks for all of the effort you put into this site and for sharing it. It is teams like yours that make this motion community so great.
    Any chance of getting a tutorial on all the Tags…haven’t seen on anywhere.

  32. Vik Ritelis says:

    Your tutorials are clear, helpful and interesting. Your charges are very low considering that the product you produce is of high quality. I’m thankful that people like you exist. I look forward to a compilation on DVD of other tutorials. Many thanks

  33. SoutheastAsia says:

    Thumbs up!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  34. arimo says:

    Hi, I am so happy I found your site! It is very educative and helpful. I’ ve learned a lot from you, Thank you very much!

  35. valeriy says:

    hi is this site/blog still active? my name is valeriy and im learning cinema 4D whit vray i use whole adobe sotware exept soundbooth and fireworks ^^ so i have noticed that you guys dont have many tutorials and i was wondering if you exept tutorials frome outsiders bc i would like 2 make some ^^ ore work whit you guys 2 learn more i am mostly doing architacture modeling and my best quality is modeling buildings and worse is texturing ^^ so i hope 2 hear soon frome you guys ^^

  36. Tim Shetz says:

    Yes, this site is still active. We have about 30 Cinema 4D video tutorials and several have been posted in the last few weeks. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, we prefer to do the tutorials ourselves to be sure of the quality and content. Thanks anyway and good luck with your training.

  37. Arthur says:

    in the middle of the chaos of multi conference on line live workshop and super training,this is the best place I found to learn tool by tool, like hold Cineverity Dr Sassi tuts.Calm and quiet place, tuts very well explained, no rush and friendly introduction for the most friendly 3D app out there.I bought the dvd,and donate 20 us more.You guys are doing a very good job.

  38. Tim Shetz says:

    Thanks Arthur! Glad you find the site useful. As I said in a personal email, thanks for your support. We wouldn’t keep doing the Cinema 4D tutorials if no one watched. Keep plugging away at the program and let us know if there is something specific you would like to see on the site!

  39. Gianni says:

    Thanks for your tuts. Very nicely done.

  40. Tim Shetz says:

    Glad you enjoy our Cinema 4D tutorials. Thanks for your comment.

  41. Régis Autran says:

    Just a few words from France to say a huge THANK YOU to Tim & the C4Dtraining team for the excellent tutorials. There are tons of ressources for a software like After Effects, but very few when it comes to C4D (well, actually there are more and more, notably on youtube, but there’s a lot of crap too). The knowledge I found on your site was always clear and thorough, it really helped me a lot to get started. I am aware making a tutorial takes time, so again thank you very much for sharing!

  42. Tim Shetz says:

    Glad you like them. I enjoy teaching, so I want to share what I can. Hoping to get some new tutorials up soon, so stay tuned!

  43. Muslim Guy says:

    Thanks guys, really hes, helpful tuts, especially the multiple camera tutorial in cinema 4d

  44. yanut says:

    I love cinema 4d i learned from google since there is no school in Indonesia, please help C4DTraining nice

  45. sp326 says:

    My mind says your videos are awesome! Cozy not cocky, love it!

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