Cinema 4D Keyboard Shortcuts

September 21, 2009

These shortcuts are based on the default settings in Cinema 4D. If you have edited your Command Manager settings things might work differently for you. Also note that if you are using expose on a Macintosh, things might not work as listed. I highly recommend turning off your expose, at least while working in C4D.


F1 Perspective View
F2 Top View
F3 Right View
F4 Front View
F5 All Views


E Move Tool
R Rotate Tool
T Scale Tool
Space Toggle Active Tool


CtrlB Render Settings
CtrlR Render Active View
ShiftR Render to Picture Viewer

Manager Windows

ShiftF1 Command Manager
ShiftF2 Materials Manager
ShiftF3 Timeline
ShiftF4 Layer Browser
ShiftF5 Attributes Manager
ShiftF6 Picture Viewer
ShiftF7 Coordinate Manager
ShiftF8 Content Browser
ShiftF12 Command Manager


F6 Play Backwards (toggle)
F7 Stop Playback
F8 Play Forwards (toggle)
ShiftF Goto End of Animation
ShiftG Goto Start of Animation

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