New Battle of the Frames

Battle of the Frames contest

C4DTraining would like to see what you’ve got. The rules will be simple:

1) Don’t talk about Battle of the Frames (ok, I had to do it) actually, please do tell your friends.
2) You must use Cinema 4D in your entry. The majority of the work should be done in C4D. What is “the majority”? Use your best judgment.
3) The limit is 15 seconds. Music and or sound FX are encouraged
4) Post your video to Vimeo and include a link back to this post.
5) Leave a comment here with a link to your video and I’ll add it to the channel.

Deadline is September 14, 2010 Midnight – Pacific Standard Time.

There is a prize this time. Thanks to Jan Frischmuth of Smart Tween for providing a copy of both Smart Tween AND Smart PRS for our winner.

[About Smart PRS]

[About Smart Tween]

So the theme for this month is Machines. Use your imagination, practice your Cinema 4D skills and enter the darn contest!!!

Adding Easing to Your C4D Animations Tutorial

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Total Running Time: 5:00
Adding Easing in Cinema 4D
In this video tutorial, you’ll learn about a great plug-in / xpresso node for Cinema 4D called Smart Tween. This node will allow you to add easing to your C4D animations very easily and with many great options such as back and elastic.

watch video tutorial

CityGen Available Again

Our apologies….apparently when we migrated our servers something got messed up with the link to the CityGen plug-in. It is available once again:

[Download the CityGen Plug-in]

(PC only)

CityGen Plug-in Available

Paul Everett was nice enough to allow C4DTraining to post the CityGen plug-in so you can use it. Be warned, it was not built for the latest versions of Cinema 4D, but in my tutorial, I was using it in R11. I’ve also successfully used it in 10.5 and 10. Paul no longer supports the plug-in, and we didn’t build it so you’ll have to figure things out on your own. It’s a pretty straightforward thing to use…he did a good job designing it! Enjoy!

Updates: Plug-in only works for PC and apparently doesn’t work in 64bit. Anyone else tried it in 64bit?

Get the CityGen Plugin Here

CityGen Plug-in Coming Soon

Over the past few days I’ve been talking with Paul Everett, the guy that made the CityGen plug-in. He has agreed to let me post it here on C4DTraining.

I’ll try to get it posted today if possible…if not it will be up by the time the new tutorial is posted on Sunday.

Thanks Paul!!

CityGen Plug-in

So after using the CityGen plug-in in the latest tutorial, I have received several requests to supply the plug-in. Unfortunately even though it was free for download in the past, C4DTraining doesn’t own the rights to CityGen and therefore cannot post it for download. I will attempt to get hold of the creator: Paul Everett to see if I can get permission to post it on the site.